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13 years ago

Auto-incrementing fields with designated prefix

Is there a way to create a field in the requirements/defects modules that auto-increments as the ID field does, but begins with a user-defined prefix? For example, since the requirement and defect ID's are not unique to each other (there can be a defect ID# 4 and a requirement ID# 4), it would be beneficial to have defects be assigned with a D before an ID number, and requirements begin with an R, or whatever naming convention is decided upon, so we could reference defect #4 as D0004 etc.



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  • Hi Brian!

    As you've noticed, each 'entity' carried it's own unique identifier number - specific to that entity. So Defects has it's own list of ID numbers, Requirements has it's own, etc.

    We've discussed several enhancements that we'd like to do for custom fields, including something like an auto-incremented numeric field. We do something sort of like this in Requirements Titles, where you can put REQ-XXXX in the title and it will auto-increment the title to REQ-0001. I believe it looks for three alpha characters, a dash, and then X's. But it's only in Requirements, and only in the Title.

    I'll add your suggestion to the enhancement discussion.

    Thanks for your input, we appreciate it!
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    Is there a way to use fast edit to change all the titles of requirements to begin with that string?
  • Hi Brian -

    Do you mean replacing the three letters like "REQ"? If so, then Fast Edit will do it for you.

    On the list of Requirements, click Fast Edit and select 'Update a phrase in multiple items'. Over on the right, select Title, then replace "REQ" with "ABC" or whatever you need.

    Hope that helps!
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    No, I mean if I have a list of requirements, is there a way to add REQ-XXXX to the beginning of all existing titles?
  • Sorry, no. The only way to trigger the auto numbering is either at Add or at Edit - you can type in REQ-XXXX on the edit form and at Submit it will auto-increment to REQ-0001, but there's no equivalent in Fast Edit.