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6 years ago

Anyone else having issues with new releae (12.0)???

A new SaaS user to the software (purchased in Dec) and I am finding all kinds of bugs in it...and not getting much help from Support.


This week, after the new release my QA team has experienced some major issues and I am wondering if anyone else is as well...for example

1. When clicking on the "Save" button from the "Steps" screen the software will save the test case then display the next test case

2. The number of Steps within a test case are not being updated - solution is to log out, then log back in

3. When cloning a test case the "count" in the folders tree is not updating, it seems to not be registering the "cloned" test


These issues where only noticed by my team AFTER the release - the functionality was working fine last week...


Any help would be appreciate as I am getting NO WHERE with Support




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    SmartBear Alumni (Retired)

    Hi Pamela,


    I see that you're actively working with our Support team regarding the issues after QAComplete 12.0 release. Some issues have been already fixed and included to the patch which has been recently applied to the Production.