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13 years ago

ALMComplete -are (multidimensional) TestCase-TestEnvironment matrices supported?


I am wondering if it is possible with ALMComplete to create, for example, a list of test environments and then for the test cycle build a matrix of what tests should be executed on what test environment? (E.g. some tests may be Linux-specific and should not be performed on other OSes.)

Multidimensional matrices may be illustrated by the requirement to test the web application on different OSes with different internet browsers.

Is the above achievable with ALMComplete?

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  • Hi Alexei -

    You're looking for the features available in our latest release!  With the new features, you can define tests in a test library, associate them with a release. Organize tests into a test set, then run them with the necessary configuration.

    You can define any configuration that you need - OS, Browser, OS/Browser combinations - and associate the test set with the configurations that apply.

    First, you'll need to enable the new features in Security: Security - TurnOnFeatures

    Then, take a look at our What's New information for an overview of the new features:

    Let us know if you have any questions!
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    Hi Barbara,

    Great to know and thank you for the detailed description.

    I hope it also will be covered during the webinar planned for October 20.
  • Hi Alex,

    Yes, this will definitely be covered in the webinar :)