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12 years ago

Aligning Tests in Test Library with Test Sets

Hi All

How do you guys deal with this situation if I may ask.

I have a set of tests under the Test Library in a folder (See pic 1)

And when i have my tests in a Test Set, they are in a specific order that I want to run them. (See pic 2)

The problem is that as I create tests in the Test Library, they don't really sort on the order that I want the tests to run.

It gets confusing because as I build the test, to see the order I have to keep switching to the test set.

But that keeps stopping the 'creative test building' flow.

When I create tests, I'd like to see the tests in the Test Library and organize them as I go along.

Use Case:

I've built a login test.

Next I build a user name test.

Then I build a login page check test.

The three tests are order by title or id or folder.

Now, I want to add a Password check after Login test and before the other tests.

I have to keep jumping to the test set and changing the order there.

I head back to the library and after an hour I know have dozens of tests.

Switching back and forth is non-productive.

What would be better is to be able to move the tests on the Test Library page then have that order repeated in a test set.

Or at least have the order there.

As I'm building my tests, the order of the tests is helpful on the Test Library page.

You know what I mean?

Thanks Guys

Steph Beach

Certica Solutions

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