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13 years ago

A good method of "Numbering" your test case'sTitles for QAComplete

Hi Guys

Just started using QA Complete and I'm struggling with a good way to Organize my test case's names.

Attached is a picture of one of my product structures.

I'm using notations like: TW-004-<Name> where TW-### is the product's functional spec notation.

However this won't work for long.  I'll soon have many hundreds of test cases and to find a

good numbering management system will be helpful.

I've used others in the past like: "FUNC-Test Number - Name"

where FUNC = functional test. (I have a slew of this like Integration, API, Smoke, etc)

The test number being broken down into a "number" of ##.

The first number being: Priority, Type of test, (Don't need active/inactive now with QAC ;), source (i.e. Web = W, D = Server DB, etc)

So a test could be named: "FUNC - 3MD - Verify GUID for User Accounts"

Get what I mean?

What methods have you used that you find successful for use with QAComplete?



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  • Hi Stephanie,

    Most of our users use custom field extensively for this sort of information. Instead of stuffing the data into the Title, just define a custom field for each item of information that you need. You can add the custom field to the grid so you can sort by it (as long as it is not a large text field). You can use the group by function in the left navigation panel to organize your data.

    Here is some info on custom fields:

    In your example, you may want a custom field for Functional Test associated with a list of values, then either use another custom field for your organizational number or include that in the title.

    There is already a priority field built in. You can add values to the choice list to conform to your needs.

    Hope this helps!
  • Hi Barbara

    I'm hoping the scheme that I use will help me identify test cases that need to be put into test sets.

    That is the biggest problem I have right now, which means I don't have much of a problem.

    But at some point I'll have more than just myself using this software so it's best to get it setup correctly and running smoothly.

    This looks like a great plan. I'll examine the contents of the link and put this into play.

    Thanks for the reply and excellent advice.

  • Follow up.

    Barbara gave me a good suggestion.

    I create customer fields like: Test Type - (Functional/Smoke/System/Load/etc), Regression Level - (Full/Low), etc..

    Then, for me to select the tests I want to include into a test set, I create filters that will whittle down the tests I am looking to include in the test set.

    Is that what you (dear Reader and Barbara) are doing to select the tests you want for your test set?