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6 years ago

Video not loading

Hi There,


I am currently evaluating the software and in a trial version.   I was doing a recording in our page and selected a page

were video will be played later when play button is clicked (embedeed video) but the page seems just loading the video endlessly.   If i browse the page  regularly in a separate tab there is no issue on it. 


 Any particullar setup need to be done? Chrome/Edge/Opera has the same issue. 

Web Application and videos where hosted in Microsoft Azure


Looking forward for your feedback.




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    Hi Kim, Just as a test, I recorded a short script that included loading and playing a video. In this case, it all worked as expected. (I have included a video of this below). I will be interested to hear what the issue was with your video loading once it is resolved. -Mike
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        > Will Do.

        Considering, that LoadNinja is a new product and chances are high that others may meet the same problem, I will appreciate it if you update this thread with the result of your communication with Support.