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6 years ago

Trial version of Load Ninja

Trying to run Loadninja trial using a proxy...downloaded the 64 bit windows version proxy and ran it...Dialog box comes up and I enter email address and password...checked connect using proxy...according to documentation steps...

now it is also asking for the Proxy Host, Proxy port,proxy user name and proxy password.....none of these steps are included in the documentation for the trial...proxy status shows OFF eventhough the box ix checked to "Use poxy to record and create load tests below 15 VU' I am stuck

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    re-loaded the 64 bit and got the Proxy to connect with hust using email address and password...Proxy is connected and minimized....entered a url to record and now the screen spining and says "Connecting to Recorder" for 10 minutes...but no change

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      Hi jbooher,


      Sorry you're going through this issue. You only check the "Connect Using Proxy" option if your browser already uses a proxy to connect to the internet. So you should not check the box. We did document it here, but it does look like we can do a better job of explaining this. 


      For your next question, please do the following - 

      1. Go to 
      2. Access Settings from top right corner
      3. Access Global Recorder Settings
      4. Check the box that allows LoadNinja ton ignore invalid SSL certificate issues

      This may be happening because the app you're testing does not have a valid SSL certificate. Please try this and let me know. 

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        thanks...I was testing behind a firewall si I used the proxy with 15 users....anyway...all is working now and we purchased the liscense and are using it now