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7 months ago

Mobile web Performance Testing

Hi everyone.  We have need to be able to simulate our users from both desktop browsers and mobile browsers.  This is so we can verify and compare the performance from these different types of browsers.  Is there a way to do this? I can see many options to manipulate the headers.  Anyone done this before?

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  • Hi richjb,


    LoadNinja is running on Linux using Headless Chrome, there's no option to simulate load from the mobile device. 


    If you want to run the tests on real mobile devices you can consider using our other product - BitBar



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    Hi Richjb,


    We have had a similar need and have used the REQUEST HEADERS in the 'Playback Settings' section to add a 'user-agent' header with a value of a desired mobile browser.  I our case we used an iPhone UA string.  As our site responds differently by displaying the page differently based on the device in use we can see instantly whether the page formats correctly or not.  This has worked well for us.