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9 years ago

Unable to capture a dynamic value for a huge number

Hi Team,



My dynamic value is like this --> MzYxOTc3MTY5MzIxODc3MDpTb2NrMQAqAD

So for the request where this response is found i'm correlating in the response tab using the following method:

Data selectors --> Crete data selector with wizard --> Get text between 2 values --> giving the text before and text after--> Replacing the value of the above dynamic value by (.*?).


And this value is present in URL's which I'm replacing with @variable. But it is giving error and not capturing the same.


Please let me know if i'm following the right method or no. I need this to be resolved ASAP as i'm having a license version and have to do a run soon.

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      Hi Alex,


      Thanks Alex, i tried the steps mentoned.

      But when i try to verify the scenario and check the the request URL, it is capturing the new dynamic value but, instead of:



      I'm getting -->



      Is there any syntax to be used to the equals sigh (=) . Please let me know.


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        Hi khirthanacv,


        %3D is the URL-encoded value for =. As = is a reserved character per RFC 3986, LoadComplete automatically encodes the values because you are inserting it into a URL (reference).


        Can you show me the URL that you've inserted the variable into, and maybe a screenshot of the simulated request header that is failing?