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10 years ago

Sharing LoadComplete Pro and Free files, plus Remote Agents: Can a team collaborate on a load testing project that will also use many virtual machines?

I am working on a series of load tests. My company already has a single license for LoadComplete Pro. As expected, only one member of our team can use LoadComplete Pro at a given time.

1) Would we be able to get LoadComplete Free on our machines as well, and collaborate that way? If projects made in one version of LoadComplete can be loaded in another, we could share our ability to generate tests. I know that LoadComplete Free has limited functionality, with a lower number of virtual users available for tests, but being able to edit our work in this way would help our workflow.

2) Independent of our LoadComplete Free downloads, could we use LoadComplete Remote Agent on various virtual machines, along with our LoadComplete Pro license, in order to simulate more than 200 virtual users in one test at once, up to about 1000? I ask because I see that LoadComplete Free's installation binds its license to a physical machine, regardless of the virtual machine being used at the time. It seems to me that it would be easier logistically if LoadComplete Remote Agent's processes operating under the direction of a test in LoadComplete Pro, can operate separately from the LoadComplete Free instances on any given physical machine.

Thanks, and let me know if you want me to clarify anything.


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