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11 years ago

[LoadUIWeb] Never ending loading Test

ive been trying do load test with several scenarios (at least 10) and about 30  virtual users. And the test never finishes, it starts ok but after a while it gets hangged.  and the test never ends unless i hit stop.

any way this could be fixed?

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  • I have also experienced this issue where a single or several VUs remain active waiting for remaining requests for minutes on end (until manually stopped), despite the Send request/ Receive response timeout set to 30 seconds.

    I am currently using the LoadUIWeb Pro eval version 2.99.4592.  Please advise.
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    I thought I was experiencing similar issue (clicked Play and execution doesn't start) but my script was using variables from excel.  And I noticed that the excel was open and my cursor was editing a cell.  Once I saved and closed excel the execution started like normal.  If this helps in any way..
  • I have the identical problem as the OP - I downloaded LoadUIWeb yesterday and launched into my first (very simple, login/logout) test.  There are no external dependencies (like the Excel post mentioned).  After about 25+ VU's are set to a test (add 1 VU per Second), there's a good chance that the test will not complete without manual stopping.  I can't produce anything more repeatable than that and I am not (yet!) familiar enough with the reporting structure to ferret out any tell-tale problems.  Any insight would be appreciated as my team and I are trying to make a decision as to what load-testing product to use on our project and Load UIWeb seems (seemed?) to have a lot of good things going for it (assuming I can simulate more than 20 virtual users in a single test).

    Example of one of many similar Errors in Logs (99 VUs):  Iteration 1 of the scenario "Login_Logout Scenario" assigned to the virtual user "Virtual user group (72)". Connection 5 was simulated partially. Only 7 of 29 requests were simulated. The execution was terminated by the user.    9/24/2014 11:30:31 AM

    The last part of this error appears to be explicitly tied to the fact that I stopped it - but does the preceeding text give anyone any further indication of what's going on?