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11 years ago

[LoadUIWeb] LoadUIWeb Recording Form Variables Incorrectly

I'm running LoadUIWeb against an https Web Sphere (Lombardi) application. During one of the form requests, LoadUIWeb is recording that the hidden field zDbg has a value of "@zDbg_193". This happens for several other "z..." hidden fields as well - the value is always recorded as "@" symbol, then the field name followed by "_nnn" where nnn is the same for all fields on a single form.

We've used Google chrome to watch the network traffic, and this is not what is being sent to the server. The field "zDbg" has a value of "0" and the other "z..." fields have data (dates, strings, numbers). 

Just to be clear, the scenario was recorded using IE 9. I don't have a tool for watching network with traffic using IE the way I do with Chrome.

This issue is preventing our performance tests from running successfully because Lombardi is expecting in some cases date or numeric data, so format exceptions are being thrown.
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