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11 years ago

[LoadUIWeb] Form Variables being Recorded Incorrectly

I posted this to the bug forum last week, but didn't get a response, so I thought I'd try here.

I'm running LoadUIWeb against an https Web Sphere (Lombardi) application. During one of the form requests, LoadUIWeb is recording that the hidden field zDbg has a value of "@zDbg_193". This happens for several other "z..." hidden fields as well - the value is always recorded as "@" symbol, then the field name followed by "_nnn" where nnn is the same for all fields on a single form.

We've used Google chrome to watch the network traffic, and this is not what is being sent to the server. The field "zDbg" has a value of "0" and the other "z..." fields have data (dates, strings, numbers). 

Just to be clear, the scenario was recorded using IE 9. I don't have a tool for watching network with traffic using IE the way I do with Chrome.

This issue is preventing our performance tests from running successfully because Lombardi is expecting in some cases date or numeric data, so format exceptions are being thrown.

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    Hello Ben,

    @zDbg_193 is a variable name that has replaced the actual *recorded* value during the correlation process.   You will not see the variable name being passed to the server, but rather the new value returned from the server for the particular virtual user.   If it is not expected to contain a value of "0" then, it is possible that something is not being correlated properly.

    One thing that can cause this is the existence of cookies from a prior session.   Make sure when recording the scenario to select "Clear Cache", and possibly, do a manual clear of all cached objects prior to the recording.

    Let me know if this helps.

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    Thanks Michael.

    Unfortunately, the variable name @zDbg_nnn IS being passed to the server. I know this because we get an exception passed back where the server tried to convert the value to a number (since that's what's expected). Here's a snippet from the Response.





    For input string: &quot;@zDbg_181&quot;



    com.lombardisoftware.core.TeamWorksException: For input string: &quot;@zDbg_181&quot;

     at com.lombardisoftware.core.TeamWorksException.asTeamWorksException(

     at com.lombardisoftware.core.RegexExceptionRewriter.rewrite(


    Caused by: java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: &quot;@zDbg_181&quot;


    I've been clearing the cache manually and have been selecting "Clear Cache" when recording.

    The work-around I'm using right now is to use Chrome developer tools to copy the values from the request and paste them into the Text tab of the Request in the Scenario. This seems to work, but is less than ideal.
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    Hi Ben,

    1.  Is the application that you are testing accessible from outside your network?

    2.  Are you able to zip the project directory and send to me?

    If the answer to both is "yes", please contact a sales representative by filling out the Pro Trial form here, then you can send them the zipped file, and I will do some further testing for you.