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12 years ago

[LoadUIWeb] Load test performance

Hello, I’ve recorded a test where I logon to our intranet app, do something, then logout. Scenario verification and a small (1 virtual user) load test seems to show correct handling of SessionID. Watching the logs of our app, I don’t really see any performance difference between doing the scenario verification and doing the small load test, i.e. both are really laggy. I would have thought the latter should happen much faster? I’ve seen the FAQ on Test Runs and Performance. I’m wondering if under normal use the web browser makes asynchronous http requests to retrieve items, but WebLoadUI is doing this synchronously? Any help would be welcome.

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    Playing around a bit more, I’ve found the Parallel Request Editor which indicates parallel http connections are being made. Interestingly, it also shows increasing delays have been added to each request, e.g. the more gifs/icons/jpegs/css files a page needs the longer becomes each delay. In the Editor I can see pages where there are numerous fetches for such files each imposed with a near 1 second delay. Setting all these delays to zero improves performance somewhat, but I can still see from our logs that some kind of delay is still occurring. I ended up deleting the requests for such files which has made things a lot better.

  • You are on the right path. I recommend that you to play with random page delays and ramp-up settings. 


    You can post a picture of the report that is not clear for you. It may help to get a clear answer. In general WebLoadUI has to spend some time to open the connection to the server. You can switch to the connection view to inspect all the connections (and remove some unnecessary analytics or counters connections with all the requests) in the Scenario Editor.