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11 years ago

[LoadUIWeb] Can we tweak the timeout in LoadUIWeb Pro

Hi ,

  we have been using the trial version of LoadUIWeb Pro for performance testing of our website and we are planning to buy based on its functionality.

1.  When i record and play the scenario with 4 users it is passing but from the 5th user it is giving me the error:

"A timeout occurred while waiting for a response from the server."

Some how can we change the timeout which is the reason for the above error in the tool. If it is not possible can you please let me know what does that mean and the reason of its occurance.

2. Can we get the performance of SQL server from the Site is geeting its data.

         If yes, what is the procedure to get it.

3. How do we get the performance of the services(web site related services) that running from the application server from where the website is running?

4. How can we get the Load on the Client machine( Machine where we are using the LoadUIWeb Pro) during test run?

Thanks in advance,


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