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8 years ago

Get array of data from the response body



Is it possible to get the array of uniform data from the response body?


I have a response which contains HTML of the page. And I need to collect data from all <input> fields, because then I need all of them to send the proper request. This will simulate a multiple selection on the page.


Thank you!

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    Not sure about the array... Anyway, there are no means in LoadComplete to process the obtained array afterwards.

    Maybe it will work for you if you record how one, three, five, ten items are selected and use these requests in specialized scenarios ?

    Maybe more details about your goal will inspire with more ideas ?

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      Hi, AlexKaras


      I want to test the following scenario:


      1. User send a request to receive a report from archive for the period. In response he receives a list of documents for the period.


      2. User selects required documents (say all documents) and send another request to receive a more detailed report.


      Each document has its own unique ID. And each virtual user is represented as a real client, who has its own portfolio of documents in the archive. I can successfully go through the step1. And then I stop, because I need to collect all document ids for each user to prepare a proper request.


      The goal is to test how all our system and its new elements will work under the load on the front-end.


      If it is not possible, then I need to find some workaround, e.g. to make changes in document database so that all users will have the same portfolio or something else.