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9 years ago

Can I use this tool to test a Android App?

I want to test an Android App. Can I use LoadComplete? TQ

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    As Tanya already asked - what type of testing you are looking for?

    TestComplete can be used to functionally test your Android application.

    LoadComplete (the forum you are currently at) is the tool for the load testing which means that it captures http(s) traffic between tested application and the server the application communicates with and replays later the captured traffic as if it was concurrently sent by different users from different computers, thus emulating a more significant load on the server.

    If you are looking for the load testing and your Android application uses http(s) to talk to server, then yes, LoadComplete can be used to load test the server. In order to capture the network traffic you will need to set your Android device to use the Windows machine with LoadComplete as a proxy server so that LoadComplete can record a traffic. After the traffic is captured, Android device will not be needed any more.

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      I want to use LoadComplete. I am made to understand that I can use it to load test an Android App on google play. I tried it but getting an error message. Some remote access not ready!!


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        While you still did not answer what and how you need to do, I will try to guess. (BTW, you also did not provide any information about the error you was getting, but I will not try to guess about it.)


        This is what I assume:

        -- There is an application (Tested Application) running on Android device;

        -- This Tested Application communicates via http(s) protocol with some web server;

        -- You need to check how web server behaves when contacted concurrently by a lot of users of Tested Application;

        -- Both Android Tested Application and web server are up and running and the Tested Application can communicate with web server.


        If the above assumptions are correct, then you must install LoadComplete on some Windows machine and redirect the traffic from the Tested Application to go through this Windows Machine in order LoadComplete can capture it.

        -- First, ensure that the Windows machine can communicate with the target web server. Ask your system administrator and / or developers on how to do this.

        -- When capturing traffic, LoadComplete by default uses port 8889, so you must configure your Android device to use the Windows machine with the LoadComplete installed as a proxy.

        An example on how this can be done for Android and iOS devices can be found here:

        -- Check that incoming traffic to your Windows machine to the port that is used by LoadComplete (8889 by default) is allowed by the firewall. Again, ask system administrator / developers for help if needed.

        -- Start recording in LoadComplete and execute the needed actions in the Tested Application on Android.

        -- Stop recording in LoadComplete and check that the traffic was captured.

        -- If the traffic was captured, you will no more need your Android device because all simulation will be done by LoadComplete from the Windows machine LoadComplete is installed at. Follow LoadComplete documentation for the instructions on how to parameterize, validate and run recorded load test.