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11 years ago

Improve new post/answer text area toolbar

Hi there,

When I post reply, there is a text field where I enter the text of the message.

This text field has a simple toolbar above with only 6 buttons (bold, italics, URL, etc.). However, when I copy/paste text from a different source, sometimes it becomes formatted and is displayed formatted on the forum.

So, it looks like the control itself allows rich formatting, but most of it is hidden.

Could you please enable more formatting capabilities for forum posts?

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    Could I add a further suggestion whereby when replying to a post, the only text area I can see is the one where I am typing the reply.  It would be really nice if the original post(s) were also still visible.
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    Hi Gena,

    I agree with you. This Editor should have more formatting options.

    I've asked our web team to add more styling features.

    Thanks for your suggestion!
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    " It would be really nice if the original post(s) were also still visible."

    Great idea. I would also like this feature.