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4 years ago

[BDD] - Do not reuse steps.

Hello everyone


I'm starting to work with BDD, but I have a doubt.


When creating some scenarios, I am facing a problem, as some have similar characteristics, example: (save button, open button, delete button), I have three forms that have buttons with the same name, but when I am creating the steps to generate the step definition, it does not generate because the mapping of these fields was done in another form, the problem that I have elements with different id's for each form.


Is there a way to always be the only steps?


Tks for Help and Sorry for my English

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    Your steps should be business/user and behavior driven not application driven.

    From a behavior/user point of view save button and open button have no meaning, no sense of business achievment.

    Instead of save button you should create actions/steps like:

    When I save <my monthly metrics/user profile>... 


    From a behavior/test stand of view nobody cares about the implementation on a step level. If its a button, a drag and drop or an automatic action, the results his the same. The implementation is documented in the step, or a comment, it can change but does not change the behavior/needs/conditions!


    3 forms ==> 3 behavior/business goals/needs => 3 distincts names.