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3 years ago

Cucumber Failing to Run on Remote Machine

I'm trying to run cucumber via the locally installed version under the node_modules/.bin folder on a remote machine


This is the command I am using '.\node_modules\.bin\cucumber-js --tags test-framework'


This is supposed to run a simple scenario that double-checks that a local instance of my application is running.


This is the error message I am getting


You appear to be executing an install of cucumber (most likely a global install)
14:17:17        that is different from your local install (the one required in your support files).
14:17:17        For cucumber to work, you need to execute the same install that is required in your support files.
14:17:17        Please execute the locally installed version to run your tests.
14:17:17        Executed Path: F:\Jenkins\workspace\test_app\UiTest.Playwright\node_modules\@cucumber\cucumber\lib\index.js
14:17:17        Local Path:    F:\Jenkins\workspace\test_app\UiTest.Playwright\node_modules\@cucumber\cucumber\lib\index.js

I understand the issue, in that it isn't happy with the instance of cucumber-js I am trying to use to run the tests but the one is wants me to use (local path) is identical to the executed path, so, I'm at a loss on what to do next.


I am not running into this issue on my personal machine, only the remote machine for the record


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  • I must say that I am puzzled with your issue.


    Which version of cucumber are you using?

    How are you executing a "remote" command exactly? What is your "remote" setup? Is this through ssh or something else?