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9 years ago

we can only see about 13 of the most recent code reviews in the ui - how do we see the older reviews

This may be a naive question, but when we add a new review to CodeReviewer (free version of Collaborator) the oldest one "rolls off" the bottom of the list. What happens to the older reviews and how can we access them?

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    Hello DaveN59,


    Generally, the newly created reviews are added to the end of the "Action Items" panel. The list of reviews for the current logged in user is obtained directly from the database and there aren't any limitations for the number of reviews. If you have large number of reviews, you should be able to scroll the list of the reviews. Also, you can press "Review" under "Action Items" and the order of reviews will changes or you can open the Review Summary page using the link below:

    <your server>/ui#review:id=13


    As result, Collaborator opens the necessary review.


    If this doesn't help, please upload the screenshot of the problem. This will shed some light what exactly goes wrong.

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      Looking back at my original post I can see where I wasn't clear and precise as to what the problem is. If it really is a problem. The older reviews that "roll off" the bottom are completed reviews. I guess my real question is, how do we see the completed reviews without knowing the review number? We may well want to go back and look at old code reviews -- how can we see a listing of the completed reviews?




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        I also am having this issue and agree with DaveN59 that his original post was misunderstood. In my list of "Action Items", I have 1 open review, 10 closed reviews, and all older closed reviews are no longer in this list. I don't remember the review number/ID of a lot of my older reviews and want a way to see them all here without a Report.


        Is there any way to make all reviews I have ever been a part of show up under Action Items instead of having them disappear over time?

  • I would also like to see all completed reviews. If we had a bunch of comments that drove the software design in a certain direction, it is useful to be able to go back and review the thought process later. The only way I have found is to do a report, guessing what the CR number is.