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7 years ago

Using Beyond Compare as the external diff tool for CC v9 (web based)



  Is it possible to configure Code Collaborator to use Beyond Compare v4 as the external diff tool?  I am using the web based version interface, not sure if that is relevant or not (first time using CC).  It seems I can download a collabdiff file, but Beyond Compare isn't able to decode it.  Thanks.




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    Hi lordhog,


    Try to configure your GUI client to use the "Beyond Compare":

    1. Open the "Preferences" menu of the GUI client.

    2. Navigate to "External Diff Launcher" and click "Beyond Compare" buttons.

    3. Ensure that the "External Diff Command to compare single files"/"External Diff Command to compare single files" fields are set to the correct path for your BCompare.exe file.

    4. Try to open one of the collabdiff files that was downloaded from the Web UI.

    As a result, the Beyond Compare tool will be opened and you should be able to see the differences of the file versions.


    For your references:


    I hope this helps!

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    OlegB, thanks for the information, but unfortunately I am not using the GUI client and the team is only using the Web based UI.  At this point, I assume the web based UI can't be configured.