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10 years ago

Upload by addp4diff removes reviewers "Accepts"

We use Collaborator with the Perforce integration.

In our methodology we compare selected CL on child stream against last integrated (merged) CL on the parent stream. The reason we do that is to upload only the changes that were actually made by the user (filter the parent stream changes which are not conflict resolutions).

The problem we see is when the owner updates such review. It cancels all the “accepts” marks of the reviewers on files even if there were no modifications to those files in the update.


Can you please explain why it happens and if it could be configured to behave as expected (don't remove reviewers accepts if files were not change during an update)?



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  • I want to clarify that what seen in the conversation is:

    ** New version uploaded: #3 **

    ** Accepted **

    ** New version uploaded: #3 **

    What i'm trying to avoid is re-uploading of a version.

    I would appriciate your fast support on this.



  • Hi, 

    Thank you for your forum post. I could reproduce the problem. I opened a ticket for the development team to address this issue. Here's the bug ticket number collab-226. 

    Thanks again,