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8 years ago

The Performance of Search option is too slow in Latest version 11.0.11000 than the previous releases

Compared to 10.1.10100, the current version 11.0.11000 in Collaborator has some performance issues. It is taking so much time in order to search a text eg: test.


Any solution for this.


Performance issues arises due to this Search issue. Expecting to be fixed in Ver. 11.2

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    I’ve just compared the Collaborator 9.2 and 11.2 search performance against exactly the same DB (Oracle), but couldn’t reproduce any major performance differences. Thus, I’d recommend that you try the following:

    1. Check whether the issue persists in Collaborator 11.2.
    2. If the above doesn’t help, try tuning your performance on the infrastructure level – refer to the instructions from the "Performance Tuning" section of the "Technical Server Specifications" Help topic.