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8 years ago

SVN+Visual Studio -Force require code review?


I am just getting started with Collaborator 10.2. I have it working fine with SVN + Visual Studio 2015 +VisualSVN- it is amazingly easy to get running.


It seems possible to skip any Code review process and commit via the SVN GUI with Studio. Is there any way to 'require' a Code Review of any commits. Or at least ask for one before the commit. Maybe I am missing something here?




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    Wouldn't that be a task for the VS SVN add-in? CC can deal with the review, but "require review before commit" is a job for the SCC/repository tools, not the review tools.

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      In an integrated environment like Visual Studio I was hoping that the Collaborator plug-in could hook into the SCS API to force this.  In many organizations, Code Reviews are mandatory before commits.

      The Collaborator feature list says


      "Collaborator supports both pre and post-commit reviews for SVN. In addition to being able to add changes, revisions, and Subversion diffs, Collaborator also offers server hooks for ensuring changes have been reviewed. This type of workflow is supported in both our GUI client and command line client."


      So how do I "ensuring changes have been reviewed".