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3 years ago

Smart Bear GUI Not Loading after Windows Patching

Our Smart Bear Code Collab server recently went through a Windows Patching weekend and not the service starts, but the GUI (Web Browser) get the following errors.  We have rebooted the server and are thinking that there maybe a stuck session in the database.  Question is how do we clear out the database GUID so that the server can run properly again?  Please note that the Collab server ran fine prior to patching.


2021-08-23 10:32:32,132 WARN http-nio-8080-exec-4 com.smartbear.ccollab.SingleServerCheck - Another server may have begun using the database. This server's GUID: 'a6c88b99151ae3562de5d53b93089aab', other server's GUID: '8a62d9a2bc398071c8095588c2913d75'.



Concurrency Exception

Another server may have begun using the database that Collaborator Enterprise is using. Please try reloading this page. If this error persists, please notify your Collaborator Enterprise administrator. If you believe you have received this message in error, your administrator may restart the web service to resume normal operation.

Debug information:
This server's GUID: a6c88b99151ae3562de5d53b93089aab
Other server's GUID: 8a62d9a2bc398071c8095588c2913d75

Information about the other server using the database:
Started at: Mon Aug 23 10:32:23 CDT 2021
Accessed via: null
Running version: 12.3.12303
IP Address(es):


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