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9 years ago

Reviews complete list


Is there a way to see the list of all the reviews stored on the server? (meaning of all the users).

Thanks in advance.

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    I've found a solution: the admin is set to be an observer for the reviews created by all the other users.

    Is this the right way?



    is it just my impresison, or this forum is not really attended by the smartbear support?

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      There are two reports (reporting section; accessed via link in the upper right of the Collaborator UI) that may be useful: reports in progress and recently completed reports.  Both have search parameters that allow for arbitrary date ranges to be specified. Unfortunately there is not a single unified report list as such, but setting admin to be an observer on every review is one workaround.  Another is that as review IDs are sequential starting at 1, in theory if you wanted a high level "dashboard" view of  review status , you could write a program against the JSON API that issues N queries against the ReviewService.findReviewById method to get a review info data structure about every extant review in sequence (you would likely need to authenticate the API calls as an administrative user so that all reviews would be visible).