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6 years ago

Review Pool Subscriptions duplicate additions (unusable)

As of Collaborator 11.1, the file subscription mechanism for review pools has a bug that makes it unusable by adding many duplicate Review Pool slots to reviews.


We have three types of file filters that need to require a single member from a specific review pool to review the changes.  What we get is an entry for the review pool in the participant list for every file matching each of the filters.


So for example, our review pool is intended to watch Makefiles.  We have review pool file filters for:

  1. **.mk
  2. building/*
  3. Makefile

If a user adds:

  1. Makefile,
  2. building/
  3. building/

We end up with 5 review pool participants.  One for each of the files matching the first filter, one for each of the files matching the second filter (even though the same files were already matched by the first filter), and one for the third filter.


The issue seems to be in the implementation of the participant file filter is implemented.  With most users it blocks subsequent adds because you can only have a review on the review in one role.  Theoretically it does some comparison to promote the participant role when duplicate roles are requested (I've never tested it).  With Review Pools, it's possible to add the same pool multiple times, so the logic that blocks duplicate additions to the same review doesn't apply/work.


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