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13 years ago

Review Deadlines

Is it true that only the administrator may set the review deadline (this is what the help says)? This seems odd since the creator of the review should decided on this deadline if at all. Is there anyway the creator can set this or will have the request to change go to the admin to modify. Currently ours is set to no deadline. I do not like the idea of a global/default setting.


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    SmartBear Alumni (Retired)
    The CodeCollaborator administrator has the ability to enable the deadline feature. To do so, he or she must provide a default value in the "Default Review Deadline" that is not zero. This will set the default review deadline date for every review, but this can be changed by the review creator in the Review Creation screen or by any participant that has the ability to edit the General Information of a review.

    If the CodeCollaborator administrator has set the "Default Review Deadline" to zero, the deadline feature is disabled, and no review creators may set a deadline date.