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13 years ago

post-commit code review workflow

I have a team of developers all committing to the same development cvs branch.  Then we have the code review person load up all changes in code collaborator for review; but, it appears that there's no way to review a subset of the changes, say, a particular developer's changes.  

What's the best way to go around that?  Would it work if we use git rather than cvs?


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    Hi Tom,

    As these are post-commit reviews, I'm assuming you're using "addcvsdiffs"?

    This appears to be a process issue, and outside of using CVS' "blame" feature, I don't know that you can get the information you're looking for.

    Internally, we use Git and do pre-commit reviews - verifying work independently. I'd love to tell you that switching to Git will solve your problems, but the best way to get the information you seem to be looking for is to do pre-commit reviews.

    I hope that helps.