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8 years ago

Plugin support for Visual Studio 2017

Is 2017 supported in Collaborator plugin? If not - what are the plans, when to expect it?


Btw, VS plugin is a good thing, but requires many UI improvements. For now looks like some basic draft - it does not remember the "reading position", shows a header of the code review info when I close the file review. It is pretty annoying. I cannot put comment to a specific line, just to the whole file (or, it is not clear how to do that). Picking reviewers is also painful - it does not remember the "last reviewers", does not support grouping, sorting or lookup of reviewers, it just shows some users from our Active Directory (not all of them, btw).

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      VS plugin is nearly unusable.  My team had meeting with smartbear folks and was told they are actively addressing numerous vs plugin improvements.


      For those of you who are using the plugin in its current form I'm surprised you're able to use it at all.  My team had to rely on the desktop app for creating and adding files to reviews and then the web client to perform the actual review workflows.


      I hope the future is bright for us Visual Studio teams.



  • As mentioned, we are putting a lot of effort into improving our VS and TFS integrations.  Many improvements will be available as part of our 11.1 release (target July).



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      The latest 11.1 plug-in still does not support Visual Studio 2017. Is that planned for a release soon?

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        Whoops, my bad. I see it is supported now!