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12 years ago

Newbie question: review diffs between two svn tags


I'd like to set up a review of changes made between one Subversion tag
and another. The files have had multiple commits and, hence, multiple
revisions exist between the tags. The closest I can find to what I want
to do is Reviewing a Subset of a Subversion Revision
but that seems to review file differences across only one commit/pair
of revisions. Is what I want to do possible? Are we using Subversion

(And, actually, what I really want to do is one more degree complicated:
I have two libraries and one executable and I want to review changes
between two tags in one library repo, changes between two tags in
another library repo, and changes between two tags in the executable
repo, all in one review since the changes are all related...)



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  • Hello, this is Greg from CodeCollaborator Support.

    Anything that can be diffed in SVN can be added to a review. The command 'addsvndiffs' (documentation link below) takes any args given and throws them to SVN diff, and we then use the output to get what should be uploaded to the server.  So for this to work you basically want to do the following command:

    ccollab addsvndiffs <review> <Tag1> <tag2>

    Link to documentation:


    Greg W.