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13 years ago

Multi-file diff format missing Index line


when I download diff for the whole review from the main review page using the "Download diff" button, the resulting diff file is missing "Index:  path to file" line at the beginning of the changes for a modified file. Without Index line I am unable to apply the patch in eclipse. It seems to me that eclipse requires this Index line because it is defined by the diff standard, so is this a bug in CC? Anyway I have 50 files in a review what can I do to be able to apply the multi-file diff in eclipse?

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    Hi Michael,

      What 'diff standard' are you looking at?  we generate unified diffs, which don't include such a line.  Files in a unified diff are delimited by

    +++ /path/to/current/file

    --- /path/to/original/file

    So that's what we generate.
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    Thanks for the answer.

    I was unable to find better specification so I was referring to which is mentioning that in case of multiple files Index line is used as a separator.

    Also Eclipse user guide states that Apply Patch functionality works only with unified format and when I added Index lines to the CC diff I was able to apply it successfully. But maybe I am doing something wrong, are you able to apply multi-file patch from CC in Eclipse?

    Btw. do you happen to have a link to the unified format specification describing the file separation? I would like to post a question on an eclipse forum and provide the specs.