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6 years ago

Missing association between the .collabdiff file extension and the ccollabexternaldiff.exe program



When the GUI client  ccollab_client_11_0_11000_windows_x64.exe is installed without administrative rights

 the association between the .collabdiff file extension and the ccollabexternaldiff.exe program is not set up during installation.


These registry keys are missing (see the attached image) but they should have been created at installation time.





For this reason when the user double-clicks a .collabdiff file, the ccollabexternaldiff.exe tool installed in the Collaborator Client folder is not launched.

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  • Hi,


    I've just checked how the latest client installation package works (ver. 11.3.11301). It brings up the UAC elevation dialog and properly configures the file association. May I ask you to check if this installation package works properly in your environment?

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      The company where I work is using Smartbear Collaborator.

      It is important for the employees to be able to install the GUI part of the client without administrative rights.

      And ccollab_client_11_0_11000_windows_x64.exe can be installed and it works very well installed as a standard 

      user, except the missing registry key  I was referring to.


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      - I have tested  the installation of the 11.3.11301 Collaborator Client on Windows 10

      - I can execute the ccollab_client_11_3_11301_windows_x64.exe as a standard user on Windows 10, no elevated privileges are required

      - The UAC dialog box  does not appear, so in this regard it is incorrect what you wrote ("It brings up the UAC ")

      - The installer then suggests to install the Collaborator Client into the folder below. 

      C:\Users\MateiA05\AppData\Local\Collaborator Client  (see attached image)


      Then I see in the registry that an association is made between the ".collabdiff" file extension and the ccollabexternaldiff.exe tool

      - HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Classes\ccollabexternaldiff\shell\open\command

      "C:\Users\MateiA05\AppData\Local\Collaborator Client\ccollabexternaldiff.exe" "%1"


      which is good !


      What appears to be incorrect is that the Preferences -> External Diff Launcher  fields are empty (see attached image). I will raise another separate ticket for this subject.