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12 years ago

Known Issue: BinaryFileConversionException: Conversion failed

PDF files that contain a blank page will cause the following exception when opened in the Diff Viewer:

    BinaryFileConversionException: Conversion failed

The third party library we use for document conversion is not handling the blank page properly. Until this library is fixed by the third party vendor, there is a workaround to this issue.

Remove the blank page from the PDF file and upload the new version to the review. 

If you see this error in the Diff Viewer, simply click 'OK' to dismiss the error, and choose another version of the file to review, from the dropdown menu in the Diff Viewer, that does not contain a blank page.

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  • The release notes for version 9 say "fixed - Updated Apache PDFBox library to version 1.8.10 to resolve a number of PDF-related document handling issues (COLLAB-1091)"
    How do I figure out what COLLAB-1091 is?  Could it be that this problem in your "known problems list" is fixed?