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7 years ago

Is there a report for completed reviews that still have items that need to be completed?

We have a situation where we have a number of reviews that are in the "completed" state, but they need additional processing to drop off of the to-do lists of the participants.  An example is that one is completed but "waiting for signatures."  Is there a way to know that these exist?  I am trying to make sure that we completed stalled reviews, but I have no way of knowing which ones are in this state unless participants contact me and let me know, and then I can help them get the reviews completed.  If I could run a report that I could sort on "phase", and then also "progress,"  I could identify which reviews need some additional attention.

Is there such a way to accomplish this?

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    You can try using the "Stalled Reviews" report and pick the columns you would like to see in the report. And in the Filters section, pick "Completed" from the "Phase:" field/combobox.


    I hope it helps.