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12 years ago

Intermittent issue with commandline client hanging

The server is 5.0.5036

We are using AD user validation.

The issue is that roughly once per hour for about 1-10 minutes the commandline client will hang and spit out the error whose first line is:

com.smartbear.ccollab.datamodel.xmlrpc.XmlRpcClientEngineImplementation$1 invokeFINE: XML-RPC exception

org.apache.xmlrpc.XmlRpcException: I/O error while communicating with HTTP server: Connection reset        at org.apache.xmlrpc.client.XmlRpcCommonsTransport.writeRequest(

For most cases web access is still available.  If I run the commandline on the server and use localhost, it still hangs so it doesn't look to be a network problem.

The problem arose after we moved the app to the cloud.

Any detailed response is greatly appreciated.

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  • I looked back over your log files that you had submitted to Tech Support last week with one of our developers. It appears that the connection timeout is coming from your Active Directory server. Users trying to authenticate from the commandline are gettng the timeouts because the connection is not returning in time from AD. 

    You mentioned users on the Web UI are not having this issue. That is because we authenticate with each command from the command line in the version you are using.

    We have changed the way we do authentication in our later releases. Upgrading will eliminate this problem for you. 

    The latest installers can be found here:
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    We are running a test with the latest software.  It looks like it does resolve the problem.  Or atleast minimizes it.  We had one reported instance where someone could not log into the web interface.  The log message was:

    2012-12-10 21:20:23,113 WARN http-8080-11 com.smartbear.ccollab.rpc.RpcGwtServlet$GwtInvocationHandler - Could not find valid user via session or cookie

    I presume that this is the same problem with our AD server.  Once he logs in successfully then it will use the cookie instead of the AD server.  Is that correct?  How long does the cookie last?  I am curious as to how often we might see this message. 
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    I thought that error above was isolated to one user, but looking in the logs I see several instances of:

     2012-12-12 13:24:49,313 WARN http-8080-1 com.smartbear.ccollab.AuthTicketFilter - Login failed for user: crosander

     2012-12-12 13:24:50,534 WARN http-8080-13 com.smartbear.ccollab.rpc.RpcGwtServlet$GwtInvocationHandler - Could not find valid user via session or cookie

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    I switched to using codecollab db for authentication and the warnings persist, yet users don't report any login issues. 
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    We warn in the log when users fail authentication, e.g. because they supplied the wrong password - it' s just a warning and if users aren't complaining then you can probably ignore it.

    Since you just switched from Active Directory authentication to our built-in authentication I am not surprised you're seeing these.  Probably your users are automatically typing in their Active Directory passwords, and then when that doesn't work they realize they need to set up a new password in our built-in auth scheme.