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9 years ago

Installing codereviewer

I just downloaded the installer for CodeReviewer on Windows (64 bit).

I ran it, and it brought up a browser window.  I am also  following along in the instructions at

During the installation process, I was given the choice of accepting a default installation or customizing it.  I chose "customize". 


Eventually it brought up a browser with a CodeReviewer page.  However, the instructions say that I should see a page offering to initialize the database.  I never saw such a page.  How do I configure my database?


I went to the page to configure SVN, and it wanted to know where to find the "full path to the `svn` command-line executable", and offered "C:\Program Files\Collaborator Server\tomcat\svn" as a default value, but then complained when it found there was no such file.  What should I put in this field?

EDIT:  I searched my disk and found C:\Program Files\TortoiseSVN\bin\svn.exe.    That at least works when I click the "TEST CONNECTION" button.  I don't know what I would have done had I not previously installed Tortoise.


Thanks for any help you can give.


Edit:  fixed that link.


Edit 2016-05-25:

I found the license.log file, and it says

Could not contact license server to validate license code:<br>  Network IO Error. ...


I have been trying to run this on a machine that does not have access to the internet, because we don't put any of our source code on machines that are connected to the internet.   Is it possible to run this without accessing a license server?  Would it be possible to run Collaborator on this isolated subnet?

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