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13 years ago

Installation on SQL Server

Just reviewed the user manual and you basically say point at SQL Server and it magically creates everything you need.

The issue with the manual and installation application is you don't ask for the login permission to be able to create the database and it does not error when it does not create the database.  Unless this happens after when you launch the application for the first time which I didn't find clear and I don't get that result.

We are setting up with app server to sql server on seperate boxes. 

SQL Server 2008 and we did the jdbc copy using just the sqljdbc4.jar for Java 6

The page is blank when we navigate to it which I believe is because there is no database, correct me if I am wrong.

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    I found the section in the manual.  Kicking myself for not having seen this part thats what a weekend break will do for you.  Once I was able to get through this part everything works as expected.  I was distracted away from the create database part by the jdbc part and assuming this was like many of the other applications I have installed.  As a DBA, I like this approch better.  One thing I didn't see which was the database name mentioned.

    Setting up the database

    Create a database for PeerReview Complete. It is recommended that you also create a username/password pair just for PeerReview Complete and give this account full access to the database and no access to other databases.

    When you visit the web page for PeerReview Complete, it will detect that you have a new database and will create all tables, indexes, and views for you automatically.