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13 years ago

Identifying last version of file which was code reviewed

I'm in my 30 day eval period of Code Collaborator, very impressed!

I'm looking into incorporating code review into our existing continous integration workflow, where we do not want to require code reviews for every developer commit at the time of integration, but do want to ensure that every line of turmoil has been reviewed before our sprint completes.

So my question is how to identify the last version of a file which has been reviewed, so that it can be used as the comparative basis for the diff window, rather than the file's immediate predecessor in version control?  Is there a way to mark a file (version) as having been reviewed?

We use Team Foundation Server and its SCM. Ideally I'd like to mark a file version as having been reviewed so that the next review of the file can identify the last version reviewed.

Am I off base?  We don't want to schedule reviews for small, perhpas hourly commits, but do want to schedule reviews with "significant" turmoil or perhaps on sprint boundaries.

Guidance appreciated!

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    Just saw an option in the admin settings for user preferences to specify that the default file diff use "Current vs latest Accepted". Will investigate this as a possible solution.