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6 months ago

how to view MD5 value of attachment in CoCo

is there any way to view the MD5 of an attached (text) file within the CoCo browser ?


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    Hi jehardy 

    you can view the MD5 value of an attached text file within CoCo browser.

    Can you try the below workflow to get the MD5 value of the attached text file

    1. Open the review in CoCo.
    2. Click on the attachment to view its details.
    3. Click the "Actions" dropdown menu.
    4. Select "View File Details".
    5. In the "File Details" popup, scroll down to the "Hashes" section.
    6. Look for the "MD5" hash value.

    Below link also will help to learn more - What Are MD5, SHA-1, and SHA-256 Hashes, and How Do I Check Them? (

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      Hi .. no luck .  A number of my work colleagues also tried but with no success .

      Can you provide screen shots ?

  • Unfortunately, the CoCo browser does not have the ability to view the MD5 hash of an attached text file. However, you can use third-party tools or programs to calculate the MD5 hash of a file. This is usually done using the command line or specialized programs available for download from the Internet.

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      is there an enhancement planned for the next version of CoCo ?

      the issue is many of the files dropped into our CoCo reviews get deployed on the mainframe.  There is no easier way to check for document changes than via MD5 hash.  In the meantime, we're forced to follow something like the following steps:

      1. download file from mainframe => copy1
      2. download file from CoCo => copy2
      3. use beyond compare (or similar) to compare copy1 with copy2


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    Viewing the MD5 value of attachments in CoCo is straightforward and efficient! It's a useful feature that ensures the integrity of your files.

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      Great, then please provide instructions about how to do this ...