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12 months ago

How to use command line to create a review for change package (MKS/PTC Integrity)?


we are using Collaborator with PTC Integrity (MKS). The way how to create a review is to open Collaborator GUI, request a list of all change packages from PTC, select the change package I want to create a review for, define the title of the review (according to our internal rules the exact name of change package must be used so I have to copy the name from PTC or write it down manually) and finally press the Finish button to open Chrome where the review can be fully finished (add a reviewer and start inspection). .... It is just annoying to do all this stuff for each single change package (internal rule: one change package == one review).


So my idea would be to not use a Collaborator GUI but the command line, unfortunately, I'm not sure how to use it.

There is a command: ccollab.exe admin review create


But I do not know how to use it together with PTC Integrity client.
The main input should be the title of the review and the number of change package (like 4584574, just a number).
We are using only change packages (review is created over 'Add pending change packages' or 'Add change packages')


So I would expect something like ccollab.exe admin review create title='4584574: Bug fix of something' chP=4584574
From the doc page, I have no idea:


Thanks for any idea.

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