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12 years ago

how to start created review using admin batch


I am currently creating a review using the admin batch commands from cmd line tool and assigning reviewers however someone still needs to login to the web app and click the "apply and begin review button" to begin the review. Is there a command for the admin batch to automatically begin the review so the administrator does not have to manually begin every review? This is the xml that is currently being sent with the admin batch (with business specific info removed) is there a command I can add to begin the review:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

<batch-commands xmlns="http://codereviewer">

  <global-options xmlns="">

    <no-browser />

    <non-interactive />

    <password>password here</password>

    <quiet />


    <url>url to svn</url>


    <svn-exe>C:\Program Files (x86)\VisualSVN Server\bin\svn.exe</svn-exe>

    <svn-look-exe>C:\Program Files (x86)\VisualSVN Server\bin\svnlook.exe</svn-look-exe>

    <svn-repo-url>url to repo</svn-repo-url>

    <svn-user>repo username<User</svn-user>

    <svn-passwd>repo password</svn-passwd>


  <admin_review_create xmlns="">

    <title>title of review</title>


  <addchangelist xmlns="">




  <admin_review_set-participants xmlns="">






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    Was a solution to this ever discovered.  I'm using a combination of the SOAP web services and command line calls to automate the creation of reviews.  I can make a  SOAP call to "startAnnotatingPhase", but I can't seem to find anything either in the SOAP services, nor the command line to "begin" a review.

    This is important because the developers are not creating the reviews directly, the essentially initiate a review by other processes (code check-ins and tag releases in subversion). 

    Curently I have to login and "begin" the review before others can start in and approve them.
  • Hi, 

    You can move the review from one phase to the next using the command line. 

    ccollab admin review finish <review>

    The previous command will finish the current phase of the Review for the logged in user.

     If the Review is in the 'Planning' phase and the logged in user is the Creator of the Review, this command will move the Review to the 'Inspection' phase.


           For a Review in the 'Inspection' phase where the logged in user is a Reviewer in that Review, if the Review has outstanding defects this command will cause the Review to move in to the 'Rework' phase. If the Review has no defects then the Review will be 'Completed' (unless there are other Reviewers who have not finished yet).

    Please find more information here:

    Thank you,