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10 years ago

How to ignore upload for binary file extensions


We use SVN.  Want to configure things so that even though a changeset has a binary (e.g. DLL file), that binary does not get uploaded.  I have configured the binary file types on the server.  Does this mean that it now magically works - ie no binaries are uploaded?  Using Collaborator 8.5.  Preliminary tests indicate that it does NOT work like this.

Also found the setting smartbear.ccollab.upload.ignore.binary.file, apparently a CLIENT setting.  Could I get an example command line?




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    From SmartBear support

    If you want to exclude binary files from uploading into Collaborator, we did add a vm options to achieve that.

    You will need to apply the following steps:

    1- Navigate on your machine to Collaborator client directory.

    2- Create a text file with the name ccollab and the extension vmoptions (ccollab.vmoptions)

    3- Add the following setting:



    A boolean setting (values: true/false) to indicate whether or not certain binary files (specified by the Binary File Types setting) are ignored when uploading changelists

    4- make sure to leave an empty line at the end of the file then save the file.


    That way if your user is trying to upload a changelist with a binary file included using the commandline, Collaborator will exclude the binary files from uploading.
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      I'm curious as to whether the file is still listed as an added/changed file in the review. Ultimately, I'd like the review to show the binary files as changed/added/removed without actually uploading the binary file to the server.

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    Smartbear:   Do you monitor this forum at all?  Do you not have an answer to this question?   This will just lead to a support request to have the question answered.  And then I will know, but the rest of the community will not...
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    OK, if you use TortoiseSVN to create your reviews, you need to create the file

    ccollabgui.vmoptions,TSVN internally uses the ccollabgui.  A file with that name and contents: -Dsmartbear.ccollab.upload.ignore.binary.file=true

    in the c:\program files\collaborator client will work.