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8 years ago

How can I resolve "content for version #x is not available" when content exists on server?

Hello world,


When trying to view a diff, I'm seeing an error message:


Content for version #4 is not available - it was probably archived by your administrator.
(Content MD5: 0b5cc2fd6db3e718e772f17fa4ed0ce7)


As an administrator, I can verify that no one intentionally archived that file. What's more, is that I can still find the contents of the diff at [CacheRootLocation]/0b/5c/0b5cc2fd6db3e718e772f17fa4ed0ce7.


Has anyone experienced this issue before? Does anyone know how I could resolve this?


I've tried restarting the server; deleting the file and restarting the server; and restoring the file and restarting the server.


This is happening for other files in the same review and for all the files in a few other reviews as well.


I doubt it's related, but we renewed our license between the time when those reviews were created and now when we're trying to view the diffs.


Thanks for any help!