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3 years ago

Transform "Message Content Assertions" to "Smart Assertions"


our company updated from SOAP UI 5 to Ready Api 3.8.0.

So our defined message content assertions get lost. They can't be transformed because of the very old SOAP UI Version.

Now we suggest to define our message content assertions...but...

In the next newer Version of Ready Api (3.9.0) there will be the "Smart Assertion" and this will supersede the "Message Content Assertion".

My Question:

Now we have the expense to define message content assertions for Ready Api 3.8.0. 

Will we have again the expense, wenn our company does the update to 3.9.0 and we switch to "Smart Assertion"? Or is there a "smart" possibility in 3.9.0 to transform "Message Content Assertions" made in 3.8.0 to "Smart Assertions" in 3.9.0?