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10 years ago

Git Diff'ing Topic Branch against Master and adding/removing files.

1---3---6---8 master

 \       \

  2--4-5--7 topic


I create the review with "ccollab addgitdiffs new master...topic" because I want to review the work in the "topic" branch.


Now suppose I make some changes to topic based on the review and my repo now looks like this:


1---3---6---8 master

 \       \   \

  2--4-5--7---9 topic


Suppose in commit 5 I added two new files: fileA and fileB.  Also suppose that in commit 9 I deleted fileB.


I now want to get the changes in commit 9 into the review so I do "ccollab addgitdiffs <review_number> master...topic".


There are a few problems with the resulting review:

  • When I examine fileA, it doesn't show that the file has all new lines, instead, showing the difference between the first upload and the second upload.  Since the file hasn't changed since it was created, the view hides the majority of the file's contents.  This makes it hard to review new files.

  • fileB still shows up in the review even though it's been deleted.


What is the best way to generate the diffs for code collaborator with the above workflow?

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