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14 years ago

Getting 'Content unavailable' in CodeReviewer

Getting the following:

1     1     *********

    2     2     Content unavailable.

    3     3     This content may have been archived by the CodeReviewer administrator.

    4     4     *********

We have never archived any data to data. I moved the installation from one box to another a couple months ago. Haven't noticed any problems till now. Is there cache data stored on the file system somewhere that I need to migrate to the new box?

Jamie Gordon

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  • Hi Jamie.

    The CodeCollborator server does maintain a cache of data submitted for reviews and, by default, maintains that cache in the <installation-directory/tomcat/collaborator-content-cache> directory tree.  If you moved the server from one machine to another but did not move the cache as well, you could see the message that you mention.

    It is no problem to copy the cache directory tree from the old location to the new; in fact, the cache is designed to facilitate that.

    You can find additional details about the cache here:

    I hope this helps,


    SmartBear Software