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12 years ago

Error when creating Report from SVN Revision *.pck files


we run into problem with Code Collaborator during creating report from svn revision.

Revisions which contain *.pck file end on error.

More can found in attached files.

Thank you

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    SmartBear Alumni (Retired)
    Hi Antonin,

    Are the .pck files in  an svn external directory?

    It might also help if you could email your server logs to so we could take a look.

    To get the server log, go to the "System" link at the bottom on the page (you might have to be an administrator to see that).

    In the "Server Backup/Debugging Dump" box at the top of the page, select the following settings:

    "Server Logs" => "Include Server Logs"

    "File Contents" => "No file content"

    "Which Data" => "System configuration only - no review data"

    Then click on the "Download Dump File" button.  Send us the resulting zip file.