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10 years ago

Eclipse Plugin And Git

When performing "Team / add To review" for a Project Under git SCM, it says That The SCM is not supported.

I'm using latest code collaborator eclipse plugin.

When using the code collaborator client, everything works as expected.

When do you plan integrating Git in the code collaborator eclipse plugin ?

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      Greetings from SmartBear!


      This e-mail is to inform you that your support case has been addressed in the newest release of Collaborator.

      On January 20, 2015 we released Collaborator 9.0.9000. This release includes your ticket "Git integration with Collaborator Eclipse Plug-in"


      You can find full release notes here:
      History URL:


      Download the newest version of Collaborator:
      Download URL:


      If you have any questions regarding this release, please contact the SmartBear support team.


      Thank you

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        My company finally deployed Code Collaborator (server v9.1.9101, and eclipse plugin 9.1.9101.001)


        When trying to upload files from a project under GIT, I get some errors, seen at the end of the attached log

        eclipse configuration :

        error log :


        When trying to perform Team/Add To Review and then select a few files, I get

        com.smartbear.cmdline.ScmCommunicationException: No the head commit!
            at com.smartbear.collaborator.git.GitConnectorUtils.getGitLogEntry(


        and when trying to add an existing commit (pused or not pushed yet) I get a NullPointerException




  • I have the exactly same problem with eclipse plugin for code collaborator 11.0.11000. Have you figured it out?